Most frequent questions and answers

Our system is automatic, so if you have entered the correct account information, your coins will be transfered to you at a rate of 100 000 / minute.

You can track the progress by clicking on the Tracking menu item.

First of all, we double check your account to see if it is really blocked by our system.

If your account has been banned, we will get a ban on our sender account.
If we caused it, we will refund 100% of the order amount.


We will deduct the tax from the price and send this money to you. It’s simple.

A full refund will only be given to yo if your entire account has been banned, so if it is not possible to access your account!

If the market has been locked via the web app, in this case we will refund the amount of coins ordered, as the account can still be played in this case!

I received a coin reset (not a ban) what should I do?
We will refund your money.

Simply select the amount you want to order with the slider.

After that tell us your billing details and FIFA Account login details with the backup codes.

That’s it! Our system will start delivering coins within 1 min!

Backup codes are one time access codes so we can log in with your account once.
Once a backup code is used we can no longer use that again.

To generate backup codes please watch the video below

We accept various crypto payments and credit cards.